ABOUT US | Freeing men from overpriced shaving & doing good! | CLICK "n" SHAVE

We are Ben and Sylvain, long-time friends and now partners in the CLICK "n" SHAVE adventure. For a while now, we have been thinking about doing business differently, by focusing on the forgotten basics: great and affordable products, excellent service and socially responsible. This is how we decided to embark on the CLICK "n" SHAVE journey.


Have you realised how much money is being ‘wasted’ with highly paid celebrities, expensive TV campaigns and bulky packaging, with the sole purpose of selling us expensive and over-engineered stuff? There has to be another way!


It is great to see many companies trying to be more socially responsible but very few embed charity at the heart of their proposition in the way CLICK "n" SHAVE does. Inspired by great examples that lead the way, we indeed decided that giving back to local communities is at the core of our companies’ mission and values day in and day out.


… Money in your wallet
... Time for things you enjoy
… Support to a worthy cause